Genomic Sequencing

TGen is at the forefront of using genomics to understand the COVID-19 pandemic.

Genomic Sequencing
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Using data from thousands of sequenced genomes, we are able to:

  • understand the movement of the virus;
  • identify emerging mutations and variants of interest;
  • study mutations in the viral genome and determine their potential to cause increased transmission or virulence;
  • determine how mutations might evade natural or vaccine-induced immunity;
  • compare Arizona cases strains to each other and the rest of the globe;
  • identify sources of local outbreaks and assist local health officials with case investigations and contact tracing.

Visit our COVID-19 Sequencing Dashboard for the latest data on number of genomes sequenced by TGen North, Arizona counties represented, SARS-CoV-2 variant counts, and more.

Disclaimer: Genomic sequencing at TNCL has not yet been validated to meet CLIA standards. At this time, TNCL is reporting sequencing results to local and state public health departments. Sequencing results are not used to diagnose individual patients, nor are individual results reported to patients or their health care providers.

Genomic Sequencing