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TGen North Clinical Laboratory

A CLIA-Certified, High Complexity Clinical Laboratory 

Virology (PCR) Testing

TGen North Clinical Laboratory has developed a real-time reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction (rRT-PCR) assay that targets conserved regions of the N and S genes in the SARS-CoV-2 genome.

Genomic Sequencing

TGen is at the forefront of using genomics to understand the COVID-19 pandemic. Using data from thousands of sequenced genomes, we can track the movement of the virus, identify emerging mutations, and more.


This is why we do what we do.


“It isn't said enough, but Whiteriver and I are massively indebted to TGen for their COVID response. It's made a huge difference. TGen's lab technology gave us knowledge and reliability that informed our aggressive public health response. Without TGen, fewer people would still be walking the earth right now.”

— Ryan Close, MD, Director of Preventative Medicine at Indian Health Service, Whiteriver, AZ

“We are so, so grateful for all of the TGen staff’s time and attention to training, providing, and running the tests for our vulnerable, behavioral health population who are at such high risk because of their health conditions and health disparities. These are our community members who will never go to the public testing facilities or participate in a testing blitz. By allowing us to test people getting admitted to our crisis stabilization unit, inpatient psychiatric hospital, and chemical dependency residential unit, we have been able to identify patients who are positive and prevent them from spreading COVID-19 to our staff, family members, and other patients. Your staff has consistently been a delight to work with these past few months. We are encouraging our sister psychiatric hospitals in northern Arizona to work with you as well. We say great things about you all every chance we get! Keep up your wonderful work!”

—Teresa Bertsch, MD, Chief Medical Officer at The Guidance Center in Flagstaff, AZ

“I have never dealt with such a professional organization in all my years with the Sheriff’s Office! The TGen staff have gone out of their way to provide top-notch customer service. Hayley [Yaglom; Genomics Epidemiologist and COVID-19 Partner Coordinator] was so helpful with guiding us in the process of obtaining/transporting specimens and interpreting results for us. The behind-the-scenes Reporting Team responded to my emails in record speed. Sara [Wilbur; Results Interpreter] and the Lab team typically got results to us within 6-12 hours, which helped us to effectively and efficiently isolate individuals to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. Even the staff I met at the back door while dropping off specimens greeted me with a big smile and were always willing to help out in any way they could. You all made a very stressful year so much more manageable.”

— Lisa Hirsch, Nursing Supervisor, Coconino County Sheriff's Office, Flagstaff, AZ

“I remember the mounting anxiety over the spreading COVID-19 infection last summer. Most of my work hours were spent on writing COVID-19 management protocols, revising them, searching for more PPEs, and calling laboratories to acquiring scarce COVID-19 testing kits. The lack of COVID-19 testing supplies was threatening our staffing for our Coconino County Juvenile Detention Center. All those common minor illnesses we used to experience became scary COVID-19 symptoms, and often the only option for me was quarantining the staff for 14 days. That's when TGen offered us free NP specimen collection kits for SARS COV-2 as well as free testing. The game-changer was when TGen provided the test results within the same day 99% of the time!!! That was the turning point for me from anxiety-filled days to becoming a confident COVID-19 pandemic manager for our youth, staff, and the direct families. Also, the TGen staff have always responded to our questions and request promptly, professionally, and courteously. On top of that, TGen has been striving to improve better customer services by offering diverse test collection kits, such as saliva-based testing and antibody testing. I can't imagine how our Juvenile Detention Center and the Court could have survived this pandemic without TGen's support. The TGen team is a hidden hero in this pandemic battle. Thank you for all you have done for us.”

— Stella Lee, PNP, RN, Coconino County Juvenile Detention Center, Flagstaff, AZ
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About Us

TGen North Clinical Laboratory (TNCL) is a CLIA-certified, high complexity clinical laboratory located in Flagstaff, Arizona. TNCL was established at TGen North, the home of TGen's Pathogen and Microbiome Division. Led by Dr. David Engelthaler, TGen North focuses on diagnostic, analytic, forensic, ecologic, and epidemiologic research of microbes that are of interest to medicine, public health, and biodefense. Alongside private, state, and federal organizations, we bring experience and expertise in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our clinical laboratory began testing respiratory samples for SARS-CoV-2 in March 2020. Since then, we have provided COVID-19 testing support to public health, tribal communities, healthcare facilities, detention centers, behavioral health patients, long-term care and rehabilitation residents, first responders, healthcare workers, and more.

In addition to clinical testing, TGen North has a variety of screening and genomic epidemiological programs. We have a 15-year history of using genomics to solve disease outbreaks locally, nationally, and around the world, and have also helped CDC and other federal agencies develop a national framework for genomic surveillance for food-borne and other outbreaks. TGen North currently performs whole genome sequencing and phylogenetic analysis on SARS-CoV-2–positive cases in Arizona to better understand genetic similarities and diversity among cases and to characterize the spread of COVID-19.