Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) Research Registry

Arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) are defects of the circulatory system generally believed to arise during embryonic or fetal development or soon after birth. AVMs are a series of intertwined arteries and veins that have the potential to bleed, causing stroke and disability, even possibly death. While most people with AVM lead relatively unaffected lives, about 12 percent of those affected - about 36,000 Americans - can be seriously affected.


In collaboration with the Barrow Neurological Institute, TGen faculty believe one increasingly important approach to understanding complex disorders such as AVM is to determine whether fundamental defects in the genome (the entirety of an individual's hereditary information contained in the DNA) occur commonly in AVM patients. There is tremendous value in this information to scientists who are searching for the underlying genetic actions that allow for the inception and advancement of AVM.

To aid their studies, TGen and the Barrow have created an international registry of AVM patients to draw upon for study. By sequencing the genomes of AVM families, TGen scientists hope to identify the genetic changes that may cause or be associated with these arterial defects.

Additionally, there is potential value to physicians in using the same genomic information to identify definitive markers of risk, as well as through recognition of "targets" for therapy not currently considered in treating AVM patients.


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