Tissue Donation for DIPG Research

A Gift of Hope

DIPG tumor tissue is a gift from your family to our TGen family to give hope and answers to future families facing this diagnosis. We receive this gift with the greatest humility, honor and responsibility. With these gifts, TGen seeks to: 

  • Identify new treatments to fight DIPG
  • Develop non-invasive tests to measure a patient’s response to these therapies

Consent to Donate Tissue for DIPG Research

Before agreeing to donate your child’s tumor tissue, we ask that you carefully read the release form. This form will ask which hospital your loved one’s samples are stored at. This will allow TGen’s Clinical Research Coordinator to contact the hospital directly to receive the necessary samples and medical records. All tissue samples and clinical data will be de-identified to protect your family’s privacy.

There is no cost for you to participate. All shipping and handling costs will be paid by TGen. With your consent, TGen will coordinate all details about the tissue collection process in advance. You can withdraw your participation at any time, and all of your child’s samples and data that are remaining will be destroyed.

If you have additional questions, or would like more information, please contact our Clinical Research Coordinator at 602-343-8653 or [email protected].

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