Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)

Aethlon Medical, L.L.C., has partnered with the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), a non-profit biomedical research organization, for an upcoming research study on chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

TGen is looking for individuals who currently play or have previously played, a contact sport, or who have previously played a non-contact sport, with particular emphasis on former NFL players.

Why are these samples needed?
The samples are being collected for the purpose of sequencing RNA. The samples will be collected under a protocol by Dr. Kendall Van-Keuren Jensen entitled "The quantification of biomarkers in the blood, urine, and saliva of contact sport players and control subjects." The study will look to enroll individuals self-identified as a current or previous contact sport player or athlete of a non-contact sport who are 20 years of age or older and are willing to participate in the study and provide biospecimens.

How will samples be collected?
Biospecimen samples will be collected on specific collection dates that will be advertised to potential participants. All collections will occur in Phoenix, Arizona or San Diego, California.

Will any information be collected about me?
Yes. In addition to basic demographic data (age, year of birth, ethnicity, race, sex), information will be collected on participant's history of concussions, sports played, and a brief medical history.

For questions or to donate samples, please contact the Study Coordinator at [email protected] or 602-343-8653.

Sample Collection Dates and Locations

The next collection will take place on:

  • TBD

If you would like to make an appointment on the date of collection, please contact the study coordinator at [email protected] or 602-343-8653. Walk in appointments are also welcome.

Directions and Parking

 is available in the Arizona BioMedical Parking Garage located just North of TGen Headquarters on the Northeast corner of 5th Street and Fillmore Street, with access available from both 5th and Fillmore. TGen is located just south of the garage on the same side of the street. Once you enter the lobby you will be directed to the collection area.

DRIVING DIRECTIONS | To view a printable PDF of the location and driving directions, please click here.

Please be certain to ask for a parking validation ticket if you are not given one upon your arrival to the collection area.