'Center City Starr Award' presented for enhancing Arizonans' quality of life

"It is one thing to admire a city where the character of its urban core has long been determined and the contours of its skyline and substance of its neighborhoods offer the comfort of a clear identity. It is quite another thing to share in the day to day struggles that precipitate the metamorphosis from an ordinary city to a great city." - Barry Starr

PHOENIX, Ariz. - March 30, 2012 - The Phoenix Community Alliance (PCA) will honor Dr. Jeffrey Trent, President of the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), with its most prestigious award.

Dr. Trent, Ph.D., F.A.C.M.G., will receive PCA's Center City Starr Award for his work in improving the lives of countless Arizonans through TGen's biomedical advances in studying diseases such as Alzheimer's, diabetes and many types of cancer.

"The Phoenix Community Alliance is proud to have this opportunity to honor Dr. Jeffery Trent," said PCA Chairman Mo Stein. "The transformative nature and significance of the work and accomplishments through Dr. Trent continue to touch and improve the lives of hundreds of patients and, in doing so, advance the quality of life here in the heart of our city and state, and, indeed, well beyond our borders.

"It is breathtaking to envision the future in light of such great progress," said Stein, Principal of HKS Inc., who in February took the reins of the non-profit PCA, the private sector's prime mover behind development of downtown and central Phoenix.

The Center City Starr Award is named for the late Phoenix City Councilman and PCA President Barry Starr. It is presented annually to individuals from the public and private sectors that have made outstanding contributions to Phoenix's Central City.

A letter from Stein informed Dr. Trent that he was selected by past Center City Starr Award recipients for his "quintessential leadership role" at TGen, a non-profit biomedical research facility established in 2002 as an essential element of the downtown Phoenix Biomedical Campus. "They wish to recognize your outstanding work that has enhanced the quality of life for the people of our community."

The Center City Starr Award honors individuals who:

  • Consistently lead and challenge the community to continued quality growth and development.
  • Unfailingly support the commitment and efforts of business, government, educational, cultural, civic and religious organizations, neighborhood groups, property owners and individuals to revitalize Phoenix's Central City and surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Tirelessly devote their time, talent and resources to the betterment of Phoenix's Central City.

Dr. Trent said he would be extremely honored to receive the Center City Starr Award, especially since the selection is made by so many of Arizona's most distinguished citizens who have received the award in past years.

"It is with deep gratitude that I will accept this award on behalf of everyone at TGen. It is a supreme compliment to all those at TGen, and to all of our collaborators, who work tirelessly to help improve the lives of patients with debilitating diseases and conditions," Dr. Trent said. "We are proud to have the opportunity to conduct most of this work at our TGen headquarters, right in the heart of the downtown Phoenix Biomedical Campus."

The award will be presented to Dr. Trent at a special reception from 4-6 p.m. April 4 at Steele Indian School Park, Third Street and Indian School Road. The other recipient that day will be Dr. Eugene Giovannini, Ed.D., President of GateWay Community College.

Past recipients of the Center City Starr Award are: * Robert L. Matthews (1993), * Donald Bliss (1993), * Marvin Andrews (1994), * Frank Fairbanks (1994), * Jerry Colangelo (1995), * Paul Johnson (1995), * The Honorable Jane Dee Hull (1996), * Louis A. "Chip" Weil (1996), * Ray Bladine (1996), Barry Starr (1997), Richard Snell (1997), Kevin Keogh (1997), The Honorable Tom Smith (1998), The Honorable Skip Rimsza (1998), William Shover (1998), Keith Turley (1998), Sheryl Sculley (1999), Dan Cracchiolo Esq. (1999), Martin Shultz (1999), Neil Irwin (2000), Bette De Graw (2000), The Honorable Rick Romley (2000), Lattie Coor (2001), Ronald Bookbinder (2001), The Honorable Ed Pastor (2002), Jerry Bisgrove (2002), Jack Tevlin (2003), William Post (2003), The Honorable John Nelson (2004), Richard Mallery Esq. (2004), Valerie Manning (2005), The Honorable Phil Gordon (2005), James Bruner (2006), Mark Holleran (2006), Steve Zabilski (2006), David Smith (2006), James Ballinger (2007), Brian Kearney (2007), Judy Jolley Mohraz (2008), John Murphy (2008), Richard Simonetta (2008), Cindy Gentry (2009), David Krietor (2009), Kurt Schneider (2009), Michael M. Crow (2010), Michael Ebert (2010), and Linda Hunt (2010).
* Previously called the Center City Champion Award.

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