2008-2011 AACR Centennial Postdoctoral Fellowship in Cancer Research

PHOENIX, Arizona, September 9 - The American Association for Cancer Research has awarded Dr. Timothy Whitsett, a post-doctoral fellow at the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) a three-year $180,000 grant to study breast-tumor biology.

The AACR is the oldest and largest scientific organization in the world focused on every aspect of high-quality, innovative cancer research. Its reputation for scientific breadth and excellence attract the premier researchers in the field.

"Being awarded an AACR Centennial Postdoctoral Fellowship in Cancer Research is truly an honor, and will allow me to conduct high-impact breast cancer research," said Whitsett.

"The results of this fellowship should provide novel insights into the molecular mechanisms of estrogen-driven breast cancer, a disease affecting thousands of women. In addition, this fellowship is essential for building a strong foundation as a breast cancer researcher and allows me to pursue my research interests into the future," he said.

Whitsett, who came to TGen in August of 2007, works in the lab of Dr. Suwon Kim, an investigator in TGen's Cancer and Cell Biology Division. Kim also is an assistant professor in the Department of Basic Medical Sciences at the University of Arizona's College of Medicine-Phoenix, in partnership with Arizona State University.

"I am very pleased that Tim's talent is recognized by the prestigious and highly competitive AACR centennial postdoctoral fellowship award," said Kim. "Tim completed his Ph.D. thesis research on the subject of breast cancer prevention and joined my team to further pursue his interest in breast cancer research as a postdoctoral fellow. This award is a step forward for him to achieve his career goals, and I have no doubt that his research will contribute to the effort to eradicate breast cancer."

Competitive grants help scientists to develop grant-writing skills, encourage mentorship, recognize the scientific contributions of trainees, and allow trainees to pursue independent research. Scientists who have received mentored awards are more likely to apply for and receive grants, be published, and achieve higher academic rank.

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