Collaboration leverages strengths of both institutions

Phoenix, AZ, November 22, 2005-The Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) has entered into a research collaboration with the Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM), located in Atlanta, GA, to carry out joint projects in Neuroscience, Cancer, and Cardiovascular Disease. The partnership leverages the strengths of both institutions to accomplish their translational research missions. Additionally, TGen and MSM are setting up a joint seed fund that allows faculty from each institution to collaborate on shared endeavors.

Dr. David Satcher, 16th Surgeon General of the United States and current Interim President and Director of the Center of Excellence for Health Disparities at the Morehouse School of Medicine, traveled to TGen to sign the agreement.

Dr. Jeffrey Trent and Dr. David Satcher sign a collaborative research agreement to carry out joint projects in Neuroscience, Cancer, and Cardiovascular Disease.

"We are very enthusiastic about the evolution of our relationship with TGen," said Dr. Satcher at the signing ceremony. "Like TGen, we are also a young institution-celebrating our 30th anniversary this year-and I look forward to developing our relationship with TGen into a real partnership."

The TGen-MSM partnership furthers the school's potential to emerge as a preeminent minority organization in translational genomics research and allows TGen to make a positive impact in creating earlier diagnostic tools and treatments for disease.

TGen shares the common goal with the MSM to eliminate health disparities. The joint seed fund will further open communications between investigators at TGen and MSM, allowing them to work together on research projects and shared intellectual interests.

"This is a special opportunity for TGen and the Morehouse School of Medicine to work together toward translating genomic research into earlier tests and therapies for patients who need it most," said Dr. Jeffrey Trent, president and scientific director of TGen. "The partnership with the Morehouse School of Medicine increases TGen's impact through partnering with a college known for addressing health disparities in a significant way."

After the signing ceremony, Dr. Satcher gave a lecture at Phoenix College that focused on what it takes to eliminate disparities in health. Dr. Satcher highlighted MSM's three-dimensional approach to eliminating health disparities, which include monitoring diseases such as diabetes, HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular disease/stroke and cancer, having a balanced research agenda, and conducting translational research.

"We need to take scientific results from the bench to the patient bedside and then into the community as a way of translating research," said Dr. Satcher.

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The mission of the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) is to make and translate genomic discoveries into advances in human health. Translational genomics research is a relatively new field employing innovative advances arising from the Human Genome Project and applying them to the development of diagnostics, prognostics and therapies for cancer, neurological disorders, diabetes and other complex diseases. TGen is focused on personalized medicine and plans to accomplish its goals through robust and disease-focused research.

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The Morehouse School of Medicine is a historically black institution established to recruit and train minority and other students as physicians, biomedical scientists, and public healthcare professionals committed to the primary healthcare needs of the underserved.

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