Tissue Donation Forms
"If you are diagnosed with ACC, please join our fight and consider donating a tumor sample for this important research."

Tissue Donation Forms

ACC Tumor Repository

Tumor tissue samples are critical to the advancement of thisimportant research and to the discovery of better treatments for patients. TGen houses one of the largest “frozen” ACC-specific tissue banks in the world.

By joining our fight and donating a tumor sample for this important research, you are helping other facing this devastating illness. 

All personal information will remain anonymous. There is no cost to you, your physician or your hospital. Please use the links below to download the consent forms.

ACC Tissue Donation

TGen houses one of the world’s largest frozen ACC-specific tissue banks. Tumor tissue samples are critical to the advancement of research and discovery of better treatments for patients.For questions about how you can donate your tumor for research, please contact the Study Coordinator at 602-343-8653 or email [email protected], or click here.

Tissue Donation Forms

Tumor Sending Protocol [Link to downloadable form]
Tumor Donation Consent Form [Link to downloadable form]

Now Accepting Tissue from Patients Under Age 18

The ACC Tumor Repository is pleased to announce that we can now accept tissue donations from patients under the age of 18. As part of this change, we are operating under a new IRB-approved protocol. Patients who have previously donated tissue and wish to donate again will need to sign a new consent form. Please contact the Study Coordinator if you have questions.

Tumor Donation Assent Form [Link to downloadable form]

Our Mission

The mission of Kirsten’s Legacy is to provide valuable resources to patients and their families while working to cure ACC through identification of new therapies and advancing those discoveries, as quickly as possible, to clinical trials.

How to Get Involved

While ACC is one of most rare and lethal of endocrine cancers, it remains one of the least well funded. Please support our efforts to find new therapies as well as new means of preventing and curing this devastating form of cancer.