ACC Tissue Bank

ACC Tissue Bank

Because ACC is so rare, it is often difficult to collect enough tumor samples to analyze, and yet tissue samples are critical to the advancement of ACC research and to the discovery of better treatments for patients.

With early support from the ATAC research fund, TGen established and now houses the largest "frozen" ACC-specific tissue bank in the world. Tissue banks provide researchers with the high-quality samples necessary to advance laboratory and clinical efforts toward defeating ACC.

This valuable resource enables researchers to study ACC patient samples with a view toward developing better drug therapies and more effective diagnostic tests by identifying those genetic changes that cause ACC.

For questions about how you can donate your tumor for research, please contact our Study Coordinator at [email protected]

Our Mission

The mission of Kirsten’s Legacy is to provide valuable resources to patients and their families while working to cure ACC through identification of new therapies and advancing those discoveries, as quickly as possible, to clinical trials.

How to Get Involved

While ACC is one of most rare and lethal of endocrine cancers, it remains one of the least well funded. Please support our efforts to find new therapies as well as new means of preventing and curing this devastating form of cancer.