This is the TGen blog, where you can take a peek inside our laboratories and learn how our research is helping patients every day.

From the Center for Rare Childhood Disorders serving the youngest patients and their families to our innovative Alzheimer's research, our occasional posts will share the triumphs and challenges that our scientists face as they explore the human genome to find answers for the most complex and puzzling medical conditions of our time.

TGen researchers investigate cancer, neurological disorders, metabolic disorders and pathogens with the purpose of delivering answers to the patient's bedside as quickly as possible. This is precision medicine at its finest.

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Helios Scholars Prepare for 2016 Symposium

From virtual reality to video production to bench-to-bedside medicine, the 10th class of Helios Scholars at TGen readies for the culmination of their summer internship.
Written by Stacy Bertinelli at 14:00

Mitochondrial Disease Research Inspires Helios Scholar at TGen

Abby Moskowitz investigated gene therapy as a treatment option for Mito and won first place at the Helios Scholars at TGen Symposium for her oral presentation.
Written by Stacy Bertinelli at 00:00

Beauty, Truth and Goodness: Emilia's Story

Mary Crowell talks about how her daughter Emilia has touched so many lives and how learning the gene responsible for Emilia's premature aging syndrome has impacted the family.
Written by Mary Crowell at 00:00

Community Collects Small Change for Big Difference

Penny War in Show Low recognizes children with rare disorders and raises funds to pay-it-forward and help other families.
Written by Newell Belnap at 00:00

Aicardi Syndrome: One Family's Story

TGen's Center for Rare Childhood Disorders provides a long-sought diagnosis and new hope for Reese's family.
Written by JP Holyoak at 00:00

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