Barton Shall Yerger

Barton Shall Yerger

October 1971-September 2019

Barton Yerger is at peace now. He lived his life fiercely and was fortunate to become the focused athlete that had careers in the sports he loved. As disciplined as he was to become a champion many times, he had deep love and loyalty toward his family, friends, and his country.

Barton was born in Arizona and was an original resident on a small family ranch in the open desert near Pinnacle Peak. He treasured the desert, wildlife and the freedom to be his own person. Barton competed in skateboarding, wrestling, soccer, martial arts, weightlifting, kickboxing, and professional boxing. He valued being fit and in good health. He lived his life as a defender of justice and believed in loyalty over greed.

Unfortunately, he faced the ultimate fight for his life for almost 4 years battling stage 4 Colon-Rectal cancer. He fought his last round on September 5 and joined his father, Fred, in eternal life. His mother, brother and sister hold him forever in their hearts. 

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