TGen Proteomics Time Lapse Video

TGen Proteomics Time Lapse Video

The Collaborative Center for Translational Mass Spectrometry at TGen has added a new high-powered instrument to its proteomics arsenal.

The Thermo Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Tribrid Mass Spectrometer can identify 6,500 proteins in a single run. This time-lapse video covers the six-hour installation of the new instrument. The Lumos enables us to deliver better information to our physician collaborators much faster!


  • Better coverage of the proteome paves the way for collaborative proteogenomic research.
  • A higher number of protein identifications in one sample will provide a more comprehensive view of disease states and expand our ability to establish what changes are occurring under different conditions.
  • As interest and research into metabolomics increases we have the opportunity to use this new instrument to expand on the number of identified metabolic features to better understand metabolic changes in patients.

The Center is led by Dr. Patrick Pirrotte, Assistant Professor, Cancer and Cell Biology Division.

TGen Time Lapse - Proteomics

Behold, the Thermo Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Tribrid Mass Spectrometer - locked, loaded and ready to unleash its furious power on the human proteome! Watch, learn and turn up the sound.

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