All Women Are At-Risk for Ovarian Cancer

All Women Are At-Risk for Ovarian Cancer


All women are at-risk for ovarian cancer. It is the deadliest reproductive cancer, because it normally isn't caught until late stages. At TGen, an affiliate of City of Hope, our scientists are working on early detection and smarter treatments for ovarian cancer, to catch it before it spreads and give our mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and friends new hope.

Listen as Dr. Jessica Lang, a postdoctoral fellow in the Hendricks Lab at TGen, discusses a new treatment possibility for a rare form of ovarian cancer in Episode 6 of the TGen Talks podcast.

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Early Detection: Unlike mammograms or Pap smears, there is no diagnostic tool to detect ovarian cancer, meaning many women are not typically diagnosed until advanced stages because symptoms are often ambiguous. We are working with collaborators from around the world to develop a test to save women.

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Smarter Treatments: In 2014, TGen led an international team of scientists and clinicians to find the genetic basis of small cell carcinoma of the ovaries hypercalcemic type (SCCOHT), a highly aggressive tumor that kills more than 65 percent of patients within two years of initial diagnosis.  Until then, little was known of the biological underpinnings of this deadly disease. 

As a result of this study, TGen has identified treatments that have shown astonishing results in preventing these ovarian tumors from growing in lab models, and we are ready to bring these therapies to a clinical trial. 

In addition to making a difference for ovarian cancer patients, we are finding evidence that these treatments might be able to treat a broader range of cancers including pancreas, lung, head and neck, colorectal, and a broader set of ovarian cancer types.

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