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This is a close-up image of a zebrafish. Our finned friends have genetic components for 70% of human DNA, and their pancreas is similar to a human pancreas. At TGen, we study the process that gives the zebrafish its stripes — the epithelial mesenchymal transition — which is also involved in the spread of cancer. In addition, we study pancreas tumor development in the zebrafish, in hopes of one day being able to test new treatment options.

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Make A Difference Where A Difference Can Be Made

Pancreatic cancer this year will take the lives of more than 45,000 Americans, making it the nation's third-leading cause of cancer death. Twenty years ago, patients diagnosed with pancreas cancer were instructed to "get their affairs in order" as there were no viable treatment options. TGen has changed that script.

In 2008, TGen was the first to use genomic testing to inform cancer treatment, a practice now called 'precision medicine.' That year, we set the 'standard of care' for advanced pancreatic cancer. We haven't stopped there:
  • 71% of patients experience major tumor shrinkage - up from 5% - relieving pain and obstruction and even making surgery possible
  • 65% of patients survive one year, up from 2%
  • 14% of patients survive two years, up from 0%
For the first time in history, we are experiencing two-, three-, and four-year survival for patients! 

From 1990 to present, only four of 44 clinical trials have extended survival for patients with advanced pancreatic cancer, and TGen led three of them.

Inspired by Survivors: The Final Assault Pancreas Cancer Clinical Trials

TGen's Final Assault strategy will apply a full-court press in collaboration with partners worldwide, translating the very best science to the care of patients in real time. To date, we have conducted clinical trials in a serial manner, building on what we have discovered in prior trials. We have gained valuable experience using current agents, and we are well-positioned to achieve more rapid breakthroughs against the disease by testing the six best ideas against pancreatic cancer in a parallel manner at six different institutions. Our strategy:

By simultaneously engaging the brightest and best-suited partners in productive competition towards a common goal, emboldened by the most committed and resolute patients and philanthropic partners, we will achieve faster results... saving lives today.

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