TGen Blog : CCTMS Presents New Data on Glyphosate, Cancer Discoveries at #ASMS2018
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CCTMS Presents New Data on Glyphosate, Cancer Discoveries at #ASMS2018

Collaborative Center for Translational Mass Spectrometry attends annual meeting and presents research findings.

TGen’s Collaborative Center for Translational Mass Spectrometry (CCTMS) attended the American Society for Mass Spectrometry annual conference, June 3-7 in San Diego. Research associate Marissa McGilvrey gave an oral presentation on Human Exposure to Glyphosate using a Rapid Urinary LC-MS/MS Assay.

"It was quite intimidating to present a glyphosate exposure analysis at this conference," Ms. McGilvrey said. "However, my group prepared me well, and my nerves melted away by slide 3. I now look forward to my next opportunity to present scientific findings."

Four members of the team also presented posters:

  • Dr. Ritin Sharma, staff scientist: Phosphoproteomics and Kinome Profiling Reveals Protein Signatures Contolling Solid Tumor Cell Signaling
  • Apurva Hedge, bioinformatician associate: Proteogenomic Approcat to Tumor Characterization in Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) Xenograft Models.
  • Krystine Garcia-Mansfield, bioinformatician associate: Profiling of Extracellular Vesicles Provides Insight into Biology of Triple Negative Breast Cancer
  • Victoria David-Dirgo, research associate: Proteomic Approach to Monitoring Response of Triple Negative Breast Cancer to Dendritic Cell Vaccination

"Mass spectrometry is ubiquitously used across industry and academia, from geological surveys to quality control, chemistry, forensics, .... Life sciences is no exception, and my lab is focused on using mass spectrometry to dissect signaling in cancer and discover novel biomarkers of disease,” said Dr. Patrick Pirrotte, TGen Assistant Professor and CCTMS Director. “We attend ASMS on a regular basis to keep track of new advancements in the instrumentation, always seeking disruptive new approaches that we can use to dissect tumor biology in new ways. As such I insist that the whole lab is represented at the conference, as it's also a good opportunity to network and forge new collaborations. The weeks leading up to it are always a challenge, but it's always worth it in the end."

From meeting with potential collaborators to learning about the latest developments in the field, events like ASMS2018 enable our scientists to showcase the cutting-edge research at TGen and provide the team an opportunity to get to know one another outside of the labs.


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