TGen Blog : Will Noll: 2018 TGen Bioscience Leadership Academy
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  • Posted Friday June 29, 2018

Will Noll: 2018 TGen Bioscience Leadership Academy

Will Noll, a rising junior at Saguaro High School in Scottsdale, says, "This program nurtures and inspires you to reach your full potential."

My name is Will Noll, or as my friends call me, Will Swole (because I’m so muscular - ha ha), and I’m in the TGen Bioscience Leadership Academy (BLA). I am a junior at Saguaro High School and enjoy Vex and FRC robotics.
The term 'Bioscience Leader' is very unique and is in a category of its own. To me it means that somebody can represent the field of science while also taking initiative and acting as a leader. This can include running a laboratory or even mentoring future scientists (shoutout to Julie and Heather). This program nurtures and inspires you to reach your full potential. It is amazing to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who all want you to succeed, even if you’re just a goofy robotics nerd. I have learned an unbelievable amount of new information, from topics such as lab safety to precision medicine and synthetic lethality. They also emphasize professional skills including etiquette and networking. These may seem simplistic, but are extremely necessary skills to acquire in order to be successful in the professional industry.
An incredible part of the BLA program is the numerous opportunities they provide for you to meet a variety of different professions. For example, we’ve had speakers that are bioinformaticians, scientists, and social media experts (even though everyone thinks we are already experts). The coolest part of the program is hands-down the friends that I have made. I can say without a doubt that some of these people I will know for the rest of my life, and I’ll never forget the impact they’ve had on me for the past 2 weeks. The group has grown very close and has had the opportunity to learn together, grow together, and make mistakes together. And of course, have fun together. :) :) :)


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