TGen Blog : Noelle Hutchison: 2018 TGen Bioscience Leadership Academy
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Noelle Hutchison: 2018 TGen Bioscience Leadership Academy

Noelle, a rising junior at Empire High School in Tucson, says, "Not only did the leaders of the program encourage us to ask questions but also the research scientists in the lab."

When I started developing an interest in science at a very young age, I was under the impression that science is a very competitive field. This is often the case. Because I am a pretty competitive person myself, I thought I would fit in perfectly. Being in competitive environments has taught me that competition can be motivating, but it can also be isolating. The motivation to be better than the person next to you can propel you forward. However, with a competitive environment, it’s difficult to “fit in” because everyone is trying to push one person out by being better than them. I have also learned over time that in order to be truly successful and content with your life, you need to rely on others. Dependence also has some disadvantages, as you still need to know how to stand on your own two feet without the help of others, or else you lose your chances of being a leader that can rise above and accomplish great things. Some organizations focus on competition and exclusion, some foster the dependence on the people around you, and others utilize a perfect balance of both.

TGen is one such organization that has healthy amounts of competition and dependence. As soon as I entered the building at the beginning of the Bioscience Leadership Academy, I was greeted with kind and welcoming words. The program was constantly feeding us information that help us now and will continue to help us in our careers. Each BLA member thought up a plethora of questions while digesting so much of the useful knowledge. Sometimes, people are scared to ask questions, especially in an extremely competitive environment where asking questions could be viewed negatively. Not only did the leaders of the program encourage us to ask questions, but also the research scientists in the lab. We also met vendors from other companies who were still associated with TGen. I could tell they are involved with TGen simply because they proudly presented the same attitudes and values. While shadowing in the lab, I observed some friendly competition that motivated the scientists. Overall, the TGen community fosters curiosity, compassion, and growth. For this reason, I have finally found a place where I can fit in perfectly. TGen has given me a safe environment, as well as friends, connections, knowledge, experience, and direction.


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