TGen News & Press Releases : Outbreak of paralyzing disease linked to non-polio enterovirus through TGen-led study
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Arthi Macherla: 2018 TGen Bioscience Leadership Academy

Arthi Macherla, a rising junior at Phoenix Country Day School and a Scottsdale resident, believes "this program fostered close friendships and created bonds that will last a lifetime."

I walked into TGen Headquarters on June 18 at 8:20 greeted by my fellow participants. As I scanned the lobby, my heart raced as I realized that I was surrounded by nineteen intelligent and punctual individuals, a situation that I had never faced before. Approximately four hours later, this same group of individuals was discussing previous lab experience and accomplishments, eager to make a good impression. Shortly after, this same group of individuals found themselves at Starbucks bonding over our mutual excitement, fear, and bad science puns.

Nearly two weeks later, I can say that this program fostered close friendships and created bonds that will last a lifetime. From reading difficult scientific articles to shadowing Helios scholars in their labs, this cohort has been through it all. While this program has equipped us with the tools we need to pursue other research opportunities, it has also created a community for the twenty alumni of the program. TGen acts a bridge between the research and the clinic, allowing for patient care to be more personalized and effective. They create this bridge through networking and communication. This program has given every participant the gift of learning how to effectively communicate to strengthen our relationships with those around us to bridge the gap.


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