TGen Blog : Intern bridges TGen, ASU labs, presents poster at Neuroscience 2015
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Intern bridges TGen, ASU labs, presents poster at Neuroscience 2015

Helios alumna Marketta Kachemov presents findings on chronic stress and recovery at the prestigious Neuroscience 2015 conference, October 17-21, in Chicago.

Marketta Kachemov's senior honors thesis spans three laboratories and two Valley locations: Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University and TGen.

On October 17, Marketta is taking her project on the road to Chicago, where she will give a poster presentation at Neuroscience 2015, the 45th annual meeting for the Society for Neuroscience.

Her project examines how chronic stress with a recovery period, or lack thereof, may affect the brain.

"Hopefully, we will see different pathways lighting up, and through those pathways, drug targets could be determined for treating people who have been exposed to unremitting, chronic stressors,"explained Marketta, a 2014 Helios Scholars at TGen alumna who is now serving a volunteer internship in TGen's Center for Proteomics.

At Barrett, Marketta started working in Dr. Miles Orchinik's neuroscience lab in the School of Life Sciences. They partnered with Dr. Cheryl Conrad's psychology lab which studies stress in rats, and Marketta is analyzing Dr. Conrad's rat tissue with Dr. Patrick Pirrotte, technical director of the Center for Proteomics. They are looking at the hippocampus, which is an area of the brain known to be impacted by stress.

Marketta, Dr. Pirrotte explained, has played a key role in bridging labs at TGen and at ASU to expand the current study to include transcriptomics in addition of the protein profiling work performed at the Center for Proteomics.

"Her work and engagement has been exemplary and will be rewarded with a rich dataset that will likely lead to new insights into chronic stress and recovery," he said. 

Neuroscience 2015 takes place October 17-21 in Chicago. An estimated 30,000 researchers from 80 countries are expected to attend.

Good luck, Marketta, and congratulations on your presentation!


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